How weather can affect your restaurant sales

As we enter the busy summer months, I wanted to share some interesting research conducted by the United Nations Research Group about how changes in weather can affect the Hospitality industry. With a warmer than usual summer being predicted for Ireland, here is how good and bad weather can affect your business

“More than 90 percent of restaurant owner indicate that changes in weather locally disrupt their sales and customer counts.”

Not a hugely surprising statement but studies have shown that snow days can cost the average restaurant up-to €4,000 per day. While hot weather can have a positive and negative effect depending on your business.

If your restaurant has outdoor seating and has an alcohol license, this can make your business more popular as people seek nice places to eat, drink and bask in the sun. If your business isn’t set-up for this the hot weather can often affect sales slightly.

How to remain consistent
With Ireland’s dramatic temperature changes almost day-to-day. The key to remaining consistent is to be prepared. Stocking up on good food choices on cold days such as Hot Chocolate, Soups, Coffee while keeping supplies of frozen desserts on warm days can help you make your menu list more attractive and drive sales on warm days.


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