Your guide to new Zero-Hour contract legislation

Here are some updates and guidance around the new government led legislation around zero-hour contracts and how this might affect your business should you have people who are affected by this change in legislation.

Employment Miscellaneous Provisions Act – Main Guidelines

  • Restricts the use of zero hours contracts
  • Compel employers to give employees details of their core terms of employment within five days of starting work.
  • Workers will also have the right to compensation from their employer if they turn up for work but are sent home without work.
  • Employees who don’t have a contract detailing weekly hours can request to work within a “band” of hours corresponding to the average number of hours they worked in the previous year.

While zero hour contracts make up a very small number within the wider hospitality industry, for companies who need the flexibility of zero-hour contract workers it can create a headache.

The Act has come into effect towards the end of last month and is fully enforceable by the WRC so full compliance is advised.


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