Tourist numbers for Ireland – Q1 2019

Last month, we shared with you some insights into the numbers of overseas visitors to Ireland for Q4 2018. Having received positive feedback from our clients on this, we have shared the statistics for Q1 2019 and it’s more good news!

The below figures from the Central Statistics Office relate to overseas visitors during January to March of this year.

Hospitality and Tourism Insights – Q1 2019

The number of overseas trips to Ireland by non-residents increased from 1.599 million in Quarter 1 2018 to 1.727 million trips in Quarter 1 2019 (+5.5%)

There was a 3.3% increase in overseas visitors from March 2018 to March 2019 which shows Tourism numbers heading in the right direction following some strong challenges such as a 3% drop in the forecasted number of available airline seats into Ireland for this year.

Fállte Ireland CEO, Paul Kelly commented on the news as “reassuring” in the face of the challenges above and the potential impact of Brexit.


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