Our guide to sponsoring hospitality staff

Shane from HostJobs.ie here. As we enter the busy summer months, getting the right staff and making sure your hotel, restaurant or food business is covered. With the lack of skilled talent out there, more and more people have decided to look at non-EU candidates to fill the void. 

Here are some points to consider if you are thinking of hiring someone who may need a Visa:

Turnaround times:
This should be the first thing you consider as often, people tend to go into the Visa process expecting it to move relatively quickly once all the paperwork had been completed. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) often have a backlog of applications and while the current turnaround times are lower than they are ever been, (approx.15 working days), this is an estimate. If your business has an immediate need, this might be something you need to consider.

The paperwork:
While the majority of the paperwork is completed by the employee, there is an expectation from you to provide a number of details to the DJEI such as CRO number, Certificate of Incorporation and various tax information. You also need to provide updates to the DJEI should your visa hire leave or be dismissed. Thankfully, this process has been significantly streamlined over the years.

The cost:
While the candidate you be sponsoring may already have the required Stamp (1,2,4) to be able to work for you under certain conditions which will not cost you anything, should you need more security for your employee, you can help them register for a critical skills or General Employment work permit. The fee for this, pending a successful application is €1,000 euro.

While it is important to note the above points, it can be extremely beneficial to hire someone on a visa to join your business. Many people who have come to work in Ireland are often very experienced and looking for their first opportunity in Ireland. Also, the process has changed considerably over the years removing the headache which is the application process and all that is required now, is a bit of patience.

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