What Chef’s look out for when in a restaurant


Shane from HostJobs.ie here and we are talking today, about the red flags that chefs have advised customers to look for when eating out. 

From poor hygiene to under-cooked food, there’s a lot of suggestions on this thread and while we are sure all of our clients standards are impeccably high, it is great to see how much attention people in the industry pay to the littlest things in other restaurants and how these small things can make a difference.

Reddit user yruiiof637 asked chefs and restaurant workers on the website to share their restaurant “red flags” that will make them leave their tables immediately.

Here are a few of the best answers which included things from dirty menus, huge selections of food that might be lower quality than smaller menus with better specialist food, service staff who can’t offer a recommendation of what to order and of course, a tongue-in-cheek red flag of Gordon Ramsey being present in the kitchen which I’m sure would fill every chef and porter with dread.About HostJobs.ie
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